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Friday, December 11, 2009

VI. As I Stoop, He Rises

For Tennessee Jedidiah Mannan

As I grow old, he grows stronger.
As I become bent, he grows straight.
As I grow hard, and dull,
He comes alive with fire.

I see in his eyes the fires of great wars
And the ships of civilizations I will never see.
I see foolish bravery, and unkempt strength.
As I walk on, he follows behind me,
Just now at a bumbling run.
I kneel next to him, and caution him of the smoke upon the horizon.
He heeds my words, and throws his arms about my neck,
For he knows that I love him.
I tell him he shall be a great nation, as the stars,
And he laughs as he sharpens my spear.
One day, I tell him, I will be gone,
And so now I must tell him all I know.
Then we carry on, across the mountains,
Along the path we see laid out.
And in just so short a time, I turn to see him,
And he is grown, and a man,
And he smiles at me.
I smile, so that he will not know I am old, and tired.
But we both know that as I stoop, he rises,
And because of this, my heart is at peace.


  1. 'As I Stoop' is what I have come to call 'Legacy' verses written for or about my children, and family, and the passing on of philosophies and beliefs. I very much desire to give my children a tangible heritage that will carry on with them long after I am gone.

  2. For Tennessee 9-12-07
    My son,
    When the savage embrace has graced you,
    When you stand as a boy behind brave warriors,
    scarred arms bearing arms,
    None is taken, and none is given
    but by a great hand,
    so rejoice
    When you lay upon the grave of forefathers slain,
    know they went not in vain, but to forge your name,