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Friday, February 4, 2011

LVII. Flocks

As far up as the birds go,
They of a flock fly together.
Over the buildings and under the clouds
They of the same dark feather,
Regarding not the weather.

As high up as the Tower rose,
They of one flock smote it together.
Until the Lord uttered the words
Dividing flocks and feathers,
And they scattered hither and thither.

As high up as the tide goes
The flocks they stay together,
Perpetrating wrongs and rights
To others and one another,
The flocks of the fallen together.


  1. I like how you've taken a trite saying and turned it into something deeper.

  2. Intriguing verse you have here! I really like your style & I agree with Angela that you've really revitalized the common saying. I've been enjoying your posts.

  3. Jade- thanks for coming by! Keep coming back- I try to post as regular as possible.

  4. Wow, great verses. I found you through Angela's blog. If you get a chance, swing by mine: